Ancsi's House


Welcome to "House of Ancsi"!

The house can be found in the residential area of Balatonfűzfő, 1km far from the lake Balaton, with car only 5 minutes from the beaches of the town, as well as from the adventure park and the other places of amusement. On the ground floor of the two-story house you can find a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, a bathroom and a toilette. The bedrooms are on the air-conditioned second floor. A terrace belongs to the house which could make your stay comfortable. In the garden there are deckchairs and playground for the children . You can rent a bike or dinghy for free too. Wi-fi is in the house, on the terrace as well as in the garden free available. Comfortable mattresses ensure your refreshing sleep and many exciting programs ensure the invaluable experience.


- Store: JOKER ABC 250 metres

- Susogó Restaurant 150 metres

- Kék Öböl Restaurant 400 metres

- Sirály Restaurant 1500 metres

- Tutti Frutti ice-cream shop 420 metres

- BS Harbour, Beach 1000M

- FÖVENY Beach 2200M

- TOBRUKI Beach 2900M

- Bob track 1800 metres

- Serpa adventure park 1800 metres

- Observatory 1300 metres

About Balatonfűzfő

Balatonfűzfő was formed as autonomous willage in 1985 and became the title "town" in 2000, but it has significant fossils from the Bronze Age and the Roman era. There are ruins of chirch of Máma, the mofussil before the founding Balatonfűzfő. It is from the Age of Árpád, the dynasty descending from Árpád ruled the Kingdom of Hungary until 1301.

There are various opportunities for entertainment: modern beaches, harbours, bob track, Leisure Park, paintball fields, escape rooms, observatory, Balaton indoor swimming pool.

Near to the town you can also find countless opportunities for entertainment: Castle of Veszprém, Zoo /15 kilometres/, Annagora Aquapark und Bodorka Balaton Aquarium, Loczy Cave in Balatonfüred /25km/, programms at harbour of Balatonkenese which offers many programs /10 kilometres/.or other possibilities nearby:

- Beach Festival, Balatonfűzfő, in June

- Retro Festival, Balatonfűzfő, in July

- Meeting of wind instrument, Balatonfűzfő, end of July

- Dumpling Festival, Balatonfűzfő, at the beginning of August

- Meeting of veteran cars, Balatonfűzfő, in August

- Tátorján Festival, Balatonkenese, 5km, end of May

- Lecsó Festival, Balatonkenese, 5km, end of August

- Almádi Hungarikum Festival, Balatonalmádi, 5km, in July

- Almádi Wine Festival, 5km, in August


Choose Balatonfűzfő for you holiday destination, Ancsi’s house ensures your accommodation, your comfort, and a place for relaxing.

I’m looking forward to meet you.


In the peak season I offer my guests a 20 minutes long back massage as a present (more details at the prices.)

Swedish massage makes you relaxed, calms your nervous system, reduces anxiety and tension in the body as well as can help relieve some kind of pain. It improves blood circulation which helps you feel more energetic and it also helps if you have dyspepsia or have pain in your spine.

The aim of Swedish massage is to release tight muscles, stimulate circulation and to relieve pain.

- a fever

- infections

- inflammation

- fracture, burn, dislocation, trauma

- tuberculosis

- epilepsy

- malignant tumour

- cancer

- if you are in the first trimester or in the last months of your pregnancy

- your period

- high bloodpressure


It is important to consume a lot of water after the massage, because it has detoxifying effects on your body.

Prices/House rules

OFF SEASON from 1st May to 20th June and from 15th September to 15th October
4 persons 14500 HUF/house/night + tourist tax
5 persons 16000 HUF/house/night + tourist tax
IN LOW SEASON /minimum 2 nights/ From 23th June to 9th July and from 11th August to 14th September
4 persons 20300 HUF/house/night + tourist tax
5 persons 22400 HUF/house/night + tourist tax
PEAK SEASON /minimum 4 nights/ from 10th July to 10th August
4 persons 29000 HUF/house/night + tourist tax
5 persons 32000 HUF/house/night + tourist tax

Prices include:

• overheads

• use of bedding and bedclothes

• use of crib to 15 kilograms

• one towel and one bath towel/person

• parking lot


• booklet of information about programs, Balatonfűzfő and about its surroundings

• 24 hours on duty with phone

• use of bicycle and use of ping-pong table


• In low season (minimum 2 nights) one cable railway ticket to the Serpa adventure park/person

• in peak season (minimum 4 nights) one ticket to the Föveny strand/person, 1x20 minutes back massage for 1 person

• cleaning

Not included::

• tourist tax 450 HUF/person/night, from the age of 18


House rules:

We hope that your holiday and your leisure will be pleasant that is why we wrote the most important information about the house. If you would like to spend some time at our accommodation you need to accept these rules:

1. Arriving, staying, leaving

Check-in date: on the day when you arrive from 14 o’clock, Check-out date: the day of leaving until 10 o’clock. Please inform us about the time of your arriving and leaving. The keys can be given and taken after checking the house. The guest has to give their data to the guestbook. If you leave the property, please close the front door and the wooden gate as well as the windows. Please never give the keys out of your hands.

2. Prices:

We request 30% of the price as a prepayment. Once you arrive to the house, you must pay the rest of the total fare and the tax. You can pay by bank transfer or in cash.

The price includes overheads, the use of bedclothes, one towel and one bath towel/person, parking lot, the WIFI, the booklet of information, the use of bicycle and of the ping-pong table, the use of air-conditioner, in the period of From 23th June to 9th July and from 11th August to 14th September (minimum 2 nights) one cable railway ticket to Serpa adventure park/person and in peak season (minimum 4 nights) 1 ticket to the Föveny strand/person, 1x20 minutes back massage for 1 person.

In case of leaving before the end of the booked period, the price cannot be payed back.

3. Smoking ban and other cases that are banned and cause expulsion (without giving your money back):

- Smoking inside of the building (smoking area on the terrace)

- Higher number of people than agreed

- Any pets (reasons: allergy, hygienic issues)

- Any type of damage, unacceptable behaviour

4. Causing damage

Any damage caused by guests has to be payed by guests. For damages and injuries caused by not proper use of objects the owner of the property is not responsible.

5. Accident, fire

In case of smaller injuries you can use the first aid box in the hall. In case of emergency call 112 helpline, then please also inform the owner of the property. Fire extinguishers can be found on both floors. In case of fire call the fire department on the 105, then please also inform the owner of the property.

6. Others

Please mind the tidiness. Please eat in the dining room not in the other rooms. Before leaving the property please wash the used dishes, tidy the rooms and please empty the bins into the bigger container outside. If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact the owner of the property.